Refund policy
Refund policy
Web Hosting and Mail Hosting services
Web and E-mail hosting services are provided with a 15 days money back guarantee that allow to cancel the service and get a full refund *excluding domain registration/transfer fees*, to get the refund just send a request via trouble ticket within this time limit.
Important: The domain registration is executed in real time at the competent registry when the payment is collected and cannot be canceled and refunded.

SMS Services
SMS services are refundable within 15 days of the order with the same conditions of Web Hosting and Mail Hosting services, to have the rights to the refund it's mandatory that the purchased credits has not yet been used.

Servizi di posta elettronica certificata (PEC) The cancellation of the orders of the services of certified electronic mail (PEC) and the refund is possible within the time limits set for Mail Hosting services, only if the signed registration form has not been sent, because with the sending of the signed registration form, this is forwarded to the accredited certifying public body and the order will not be refundable anymore.

Refund execution(PEC)
The refund is done with the same modality used to pay for, so the refund of payments received via PayPal will be executed using the paypal refund procedure for the specified payment, the refund of payments received by bank transfer will be by sent only by bank transfer to the holder of bank account from which the original payment was received.
The customer can alternatively choose to keep the amount as prepaid funds on the account to use for future purchases.

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